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Slope Stability - Wire Mesh Netting System

Teico wire netting system is a key protection technique for achieving long-term slope stability. The wire mesh system has been applied in the geotechnical field across the world to minimize the geological effects of rock movement due to both man-made and natural phenomenon.

The highly corrosion-resistant wire mesh system follows international design standards for rock slope protection. The wire mesh netting is secured at the crest and foot of the slope, the falling debris is encapsulated behind the mesh.  Additional improvements have produced an anchor plate that optimizes force transfer from the mesh to anchors. When compared with traditional rock stability construction methods, the wire mesh system overcomes many rigid construction defects, increases the durability of construction and is more economical. The system is composed of high-strength tensioned stainless steel wire, bolts, anchors and other installation components.

Another key benefit to the wire mesh system is its adaptability to site-specific conditions. On-site investigations and analysis of gathered information is of paramount importance. Geotechnical engineers determine the number of soil and rock anchors to be drilled and grouted in order to tension the system onto the slope. The wire mesh system can also be combined with the use of soil nails, rock anchors, shotcrete, seeding and other erosion control materials.

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