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Slope Stability - Soil Nailing

Teico Overseas offer soil nailing services including comprehensive design, planning and implementation. Our geotechnical engineers conduct on-site investigations including soil types and density, moisture content, soil stratification, groundwater conditions, seasonal changes and hydrology. Our highly experienced contracting team can also carry out the on-site works. Teico has been a part of many successful turnkey projects including several ongoing large-scale contracts in the Sultan of Oman.

Soil nailing is an economical technique for constructing retaining walls from the top down as well as stabilizing slopes. When applying the soil nailing process relatively small, closely spaced steel tendons are drilled and grouted into the soil. The soil nails significantly increase the apparent cohesion of the soil through their ability to carry tensile loads. A construction facing is also usually required, and is typically shotcrete reinforced by welded wire mesh. A shotcrete facing is typically applied, although more astatically pleasing options such as precast panels, cast-in-place concrete or revegetation are available for permanent structures. Typical applications of soil nailing are in the construction of new slopes in cuttings and remedial works for unstable slopes. Soil nailing can be used in any natural ground.

Soil nailing is possible in a wide range of materials including: clays sandy soils, weathered rock, tallus slope deposits, heterogeneous and stratified soils. Soil nailing can be seen as unpractical under the following conditions: soft, plastic clays, organics/peat, loose, low density and/or saturated soils and fills (rubble, cinder, ash, etc.). Soil Nailing Drainage Systems are also a key consideration in design. Drainage systems are integrated into the nailed wall, minimizing liquid pressure and preventing erosion of the reinforced ground.

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