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Slope Stability - Rockfall Protection

Teico Overseas offers rockfall protection systems with comprehensive design, planning and implementation services. Our expert geotechnical engineers study the site, advise the design professionals and oversee the planning and implementation stages. Our contracting installation services are equip with the latest materials and armed with highly experienced operators including a team of renowned mountain climbers. Combining our specialized skill set we are able to assist in securing slopes form a range of rockfall problems.

Rockfall protection is managed in one of two ways: either by passive mitigation or active mitigation. Passive mitigation solutions include the use of drape nets, rockfall catchment fences, diversion dams, etc. The rockfall occurs a solution is in place to control the outcome. Active mitigation on the other hand, include rockfall management techniques such as rock bolting, slope retention systems, wire meshing, shotcrete, etc. Changing the geographic or climatic characteristics in the initiation zone by altering slope geometry, dewatering the slope or revegetation is also an option in certain cases. Rockfall protection is fundamental in safeguarding people and infrastructure below slopes such as roads, railways and buildings.

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