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Slope Stability - Rock Bolting

Teico Overseas is both a geotechnical consulting and contracting firm. We consult to some of the largest ongoing turnkey works and also participate in contracting tenders globally. Teico has brought together competencies in civil works that enables the company to successfully complete a wide range of slope stability projects. Together with our clients, we are continuously improving the design of protection installations against rockslides, avalanches and mud slides. Rock bolting is one of several techniques offered.

Rock bolting is a primary means of rock reinforcement used to stabilize rock. Rock bolts are always installed in a pattern, the design of which depends on the type of excavation. They are arranged in such a way as to transfer the load from the exterior of the rock, to the stronger interior part of the rock. Rock bolting reinforcement and support is maximized with the addition of a wire meshing system and shotcrete or revegetation. Teico has been using the combination of rock bolting and wire meshing for civil engineering projects in mountainous terrains with quite some success.

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