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Slope Stability - Debris Flow Barrier

Mountainous regions are exposed to several gravitational hazard processes such as debris flows, avalanches or landslides. Human settlements and infrastructure are often protected by preventative and reduction structures.

Teico Overseas offers several debris flow mitigation measures to minimize the effect of the environment. Debris flows typically initialize due to heavy rainfalls where water rapidly infiltrates and loosens the ground material in mountainous areas. Flexible debris flow barrier net systems are cost-effective and efficient system and perhaps more astatically pleasing when compared to concrete barriers. Teico is a vertically integrated company combining consulting and contracting services with strong capabilities in design, planning and installation of debris flow barriers and other slope stabilization techniques.

An onsite study by our geotechnical engineers will return results ranging from debris-flow mechanics to debris-flow hazards prediction and assessment. Calculations are used to estimate debris flow impact force against protection structures.

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